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Welcome to the Inclusion and Achievement Team page. 


At Roath Park Primary we work to ensure that children feel happy, successful and safe in school. Sometimes some children or families need extra support to make sure of this. The I&A team work together to provide children with extra support and interventions to help develop their learning, behavior or emotional skills. We work to allow all pupils the opportunity to achieve their personal potential, feel confident in their own ability and nurture a love of learning. 


Our team consists of 11 members of staff that support our Additional Learning Needs pupils (ALN), both within the classroom and through planned support sessions in other areas like the Learning Loft and the Bubble Room. 


If you are concerned about your child and the progress he/she is making then please speak to their class teacher or Mrs Rigby.

Meet the I&A team!

Meet the I&A team! 1 Mrs Rigby (Leader of Inclusion & Achievement)
Meet the I&A team! 2 Mrs Ivens (Family Engagement, EAL Teacher)
Meet the I&A team! 3 Miss Bateman (EMTAS Teacher)
Meet the I&A team! 4 Miss Williams (I&A Teacher)
Meet the I&A team! 5 Mrs Khairul (EMTAS Teaching Assistant)
Meet the I&A team! 6 Mrs Richards (I&A Teaching Assistant)
Meet the I&A team! 7 Mrs Morris (I&A Teaching Assistant, 1:1)
Meet the I&A team! 8 Mrs Revell (I&A Teaching Assistant, 1:1)
Meet the I&A team! 9 Mrs Densley (I&A Teaching Assistant, 1:1)
Meet the I&A team! 10 Mrs Awan (I&A Teaching Assistant, 1:1)
Meet the I&A team! 11 Mrs Jarvis (I&A Teaching Assistant, 1:1)

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What's happening this term?

Some of our ALN pupils have had the opportunity to take part in an Inclusive Multi-Sports Competition hosted by Cardiff Games (Tuesday 16th May). Our team won the event!! Fantastic achievement, and lots of fun had by all!


This term we have lanuched our exciting new ALN management system that allows parents to view thier child's IEP online and make comments to their class teacher and/or Mrs Rigby. If you haven't recieved log in details yet, please contact Mrs Rigby.


This term we will also be preparing pupils for transition to their new classes. After half term teachers will meet to "hand over" information about their classes and pupils will have moving up days to prepare them for their transition in September. Our Year 6 pupils will be taking part in High School transition days, and for some our ELSA Transition project has already begun to help support and prepare them for the changes and challenges of High School. 


Relaxed Concert with BBC National Orchestra of Wales

Sunday 2 July 2017, 3pm - St David’s Hall, Cardiff

This concert has been devised to be particularly suitable for children and adults with autism, sensory and communication impairments and learning disabilities as well as individuals who are Deaf, hard of hearing, blind and partially sighted.

During the events the instruments, sections and sounds of the Orchestra will be introduced and there will be plenty of opportunity for audience participation. Music featured in the concert will include popular classics plus music from television. This Relaxed Concert offers an interactive and fun experience of music in a welcoming environment. There is a relaxed attitude to movement and noise in the auditorium. You can move about, dance, sing or just listen. ‘Chill out’ spaces outside the auditorium are available.  


Tickets are usually £14 each but we are very grateful that the BBC have arranged that we can claim free tickets for our children and their families! This is on a first come first serve basis. To claim tickets please call the audience line on 0800 052 1812 and quote “Roath Park Primary” by no later than 2nd July.



There is a parenting course happening at The Corner this term called "Parentalk"- please see the main entrance notice board for details. 


For other events that may be happening at The Corner, have a look at the notice in the window or see below...


How can I Help My Child?


  • Check the year group page of your child which is updated regularly.
  • Read with your child as much as possible at home. Speak to Mrs Ivens if you want to chat about this.
  • Speak to your child's class teacher about their Cornerstones topic and spend time with your child researching the topic and talking about what they are learning in class.
  • Sit with your child to complete any homework sent home.
  • A New Welsh Government Campaign: "Bedtime without the battles, shopping without the stropping".




ALN Reform

Wales' system for supporting children and young people with additional learning needs (ALN) is changing!



The Bill has just been introduced into the National Assembly for Wales and is in preliminary stages of scrutiny. In a written Statement the Minister for Lifelong Learning said:


"The Bill proposes a complete overhaul of the system for supporting children and young people with additional learning needs, which will affect nearly every early years, school and further education setting in Wales".  


"The Bill builds on what works well in the current system, whilst targeting directly the concerns with it.  It outlines a bold new approach for supporting learners with additional learning needs; an approach that is fit for an ambitious, 21st century Wales in which the learning of all children and young people is prioritised".



Additional Learning Needs Transformation Programme

Additional Learning Needs in Wales - what's happening?

Family Engagement


Classroom Meets Community

'The Corner', which is on the corner of Pen Y Wain Road and Donald Street, is being used on a regular basis by parents and children.


Please check the Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates of what's happening each week. @TheCornerRoath 


What’s happening at The Corner?


During October look out for:

Knitting & Sewing Group

(Wednesdays 9- 11am)


English Class for Women

(Thursdays 9-10am)


Roath Park Primary Parent Drop In

(Thursdays 3pm)


Food Co op

(Friday afternoons)

A selection of fresh fruit, veg, stir fry and salad bags for £3


Arabic Reading Class

(Tuesdays 9.30-10.30)


Usborne Book Sale

(Sat 1st Sun 2nd Oct)


Also look out for our Pop up weekend events and weekday coffee mornings.


We are a non profit making School & Community venture – A learning, sharing pop-up space and more . . .  

Family Learning Signature

The family learning signature is a great opportunity for families to come together and spend time discussing their learning strengths and needs. It encourages families to take a moment to realise and be proud of what they do well as a family and also highlights what they could improve. There are no right or wrong answers and no perfect results. A family learning signature is what it says, a personal signature of your family's learning.


The signature has 36 triangles which allow families to discuss how each element operates in and impacts on their family. Quite often, after discussing each element, families feel a sense of pride and achievement and discuss how they can make positive changes to further improve their family’s learning.


What to expect on the day of the Signature

Family Learning Signatures can be done in many ways. Families can be with other families on individual tables in the hall or on their own in a classroom. It is a relaxed and comfortable environment with the opportunity to sit with a cup of tea or coffee and chat with your family, other families and staff. There will be refreshments and activities available for the children. If you have children that attend comprehensive school, we can organise with the school for them to attend with you as a family if you wish.  Most of all, expect to have fun. Family Learning Signatures offer a time for reflection, acknowledgement of your achievements as a family and valuable time together.


What happens after the signature?

The Family Learning Signature is not an assessment. It's most important use is to you as a family. Each family will be able to take home a copy of their signature. We want to use the results to offer better services to you and your families. This may range from family events, advice and information, access to support services and building on our family-school partnerships. We can only do this once we know what families actually want and need and it's the Family Learning Signature purpose to do this.

Partnership/Support Services

There are lots of support services available to families, more information on these can be found on the notice board in the yard. If you need any more information please see Mrs Ivens.


TAF (Team Around the Family)


Dewis Cymru