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Digital leaders - can you check the netbooks for us - which ones work, which ones don't - how are we going to use them in class?


Thanks - Ms Marker

Hi everyone and welcome to our blog for 2017-18!


Please add anything interesting here!


We have to say how amazed we are by all of the new buildings that we have in school. Today we (Year 6) went into the Learning Plaza and had a fantastic time researching and performing various Roald Dahl stories as today is Roald Dahl day. What is your favourite Roald Dahl story?

We, the newspaper team, are honoured to write on the blog .

This year will be the best year in Roath Park so far. We have the best headgirl and headboy. All the groups are amazing!




For our next newspaper we will be asking children (maybe teachers) what they will like to see in the newspaper so they can enjoy and buy it. frown

We will be asking for a few volunteers to help us. We already have a few in
The Year 6 Newspaper club are going to take over this Blog from January, 2016. Look out for all of the news!

Our new school song composed by children from Years 5+6 - January, 2015

Miss Stone is leaving which is really sad. We started  fear of maths level 5 and we do not know what score we had. Zak was so amazing getting 10 in level 5 congratulations to him. Then we did spellings . We had a party because miss stone was leaving it was really fun. The last session was on the Christmas concert it was really busy and croweded in the hall because the year 5 were here is well.


Year 6 Will Be Presenting Their Clips About The SuperVirus They Created And They Will Also Present A Brief Pitch About It.


The digital leaders are going to start blogging about what we are learning in school.
Please come and visit our blog soon.

Picture 1 Our digital leaders for this year.