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Mrs Tiani-Tanzi Nursery
Mr Parsons Reception (RP)
Miss Smith  Reception (RS)
Mrs Smith  Year 1 (1S)
Mrs Watts Year 1 (1W)
Mrs Kent  Year 2 (2K)
Miss Peters Year 2 (2P)
Mrs Burnett  Year 3 (3B)
Mr Newbury  Year 3 (3N) 
Ms Marker Year 4 (4M)
Miss Evans  Year 4 (4E)
Mr Husband  Year 5 (5HF) Mon, Tues & Weds
Mr Fitzgerald  Year 5 (5HF) Thurs & Fri
Mr Lewis  Year 5 (5L) 
Mr Edwards Year 6 (6E) 
Miss Owen Year 6 (6O) 
Mrs Wright  DCF / Foundation Phase (Mat Leave) 
Mrs Rigby  SENCo/A&I/KS2 (Mat Leave) 
Mrs Ivens  Family Engagement and PPA
Miss Bateman PPA and A&I
Miss Williams  PPA and A&I