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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!


Headteacher - Mr. Colin Skinner
Acting Deputy Headteacher - Ms. Jane Marker
 Inclusion and Achievement Team Leader: Mrs Jamie-rose Rigby


Team Leader - Foundation Phase: Mrs Ellinor Watts
Acting Team leader Key Stage 2 - Mrs Sandi Burnett

Ethnic Minority Achievement Teacher and Family Liaison: Mrs Sue Ivens

EMTAS Teachers:Miss Catrin Bateman, Ms Claire Williams
EMTAS Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sultana Khairul,


Nursery: Mrs Annie Tiani-Tanzi(Teacher), Mrs Shubeena Shaz (HLTA),  Mrs Sandra Jones, Mrs Rose Webber and Mrs Susan Burns (Teaching Assistants).

Reception:Mrs Nicola Wright,, Ms Rachell Smith, Mrs Jamie-rose Rigby (Teachers) Mrs Katrina Williams, (HLTA), Mrs Louise Baldwin, Mrs Melanie Jarvis, Mrs Sandra Jones, Mrs Rose Webber  (Teaching Assistants).

Year 1: Mrs Catherine Smith, Mrs Elinor Watts(Teachers), Mrs Karen Brown (HLTA),Mrs Sohad Said (Teaching Assistant)

Year 2: Mr Michael Parsons, Miss Laura Peters(Teachers), Mrs Sara Griffiths, Mrs Sue Edmonds (Teaching Assistants), Mrs Julie Summers (HLTA).

Year 3: Mrs Sandi Burnett, Mrs Paula Kent,(Teachers), Mrs  Angharad Cooze, (Teaching Assistant).

Year 4:  Ms Fiona Murray, Ms Melissa Evans (Teachers).

Year 5:   Mr Richard Lewis, Mr Julian Husband and Ms Jane Marker (Teachers).

Year 6: Mr Chris Edwards, Ms Chloe Owen (Teachers).

PPA Teachers: Miss Claire Williams, Mr David Owen and Miss Catrin Bateman

Caretakers: Mrs Julie Seaward and Mr Jeff Seager

Cleaners: Mrs Ann Power, Mrs Angela Harvey, Mrs Sandra Webster, Mrs Verna Seager,  and Mrs Yan Guan

 School Administrative Officers

 Mrs Mary Willicombe (Senior)
Mrs Bev Lark
Picture 1 Mr Skinner (Headteacher)
Picture 2 Ms Marker (Acting Deputy Headteacher)
Picture 3 Mrs Willicombe (School Admin Officer)
Picture 4 Mrs Beverley Lark (School Admin Officer)
Picture 5 Mrs Rigby (Leader of Inclusion & Achievement)
Picture 6 Mrs Watts (Foundation Phase Leader,Year 1 Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Ivens (Family Engagement)
Picture 8 Mrs Burnett (Acting Team leader - KS2)
Picture 9 Mr Parsons (Year 2 Teacher)
Picture 10 Mr Edwards (Year 6 Teacher)
Picture 11 Mrs Tiani-Tanzi (Nursery Teacher)
Picture 12 Mr Husband (Year 5 Teacher)
Picture 13 Mr Lewis (Year 5 Teacher)
Picture 14 Mrs Kent (Year 3 Teacher)
Picture 15 Miss Peters (Year 2 Teacher)
Picture 16 Miss Bateman (PPA Teacher, I&A Teacher)
Picture 17 Miss Owen (Year 6 Teacher)
Picture 18 Miss Evans (Year 4 Teacher)
Picture 19 Mrs Smith (Year 1 Teacher)
Picture 20 Mrs Wright (Reception Class Teacher)
Picture 21 Miss Williams (PPA Teacher, I&A Teacher)
Picture 22 Miss Murray (Year 4 Teacher)
Picture 23 Mrs Khairul (EMTAS Teaching Assistant)
Picture 24 Mrs Burns (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 25 Mrs Webber (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 26 Mrs Brown (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 27 Mrs Baldwin (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 28 Mrs Revell (I&A Teaching Assistant)
Picture 29 Mrs Morris (I&A Teaching Assistant)
Picture 30 Mrs Richards (I&A Teaching Assistant)
Picture 31 Mrs Said (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 32 Mrs Awan (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 33 Mrs Jones (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 34 Mrs Mathews (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 35 Mrs Griffiths (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 36 Mrs Edmonds (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 37 Mrs Shaz (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 38 Mrs Williams (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 39 Mrs Summers (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 40 Mrs Jarvis (I&A Teaching Assistant)
Picture 41 Miss Griffiths (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 42 Miss Cooze (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 43 Mrs Gear (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 44 Mrs Hunter (Admin Officer)
Picture 45 Mr Seager (Caretaker)
Picture 46 Mrs Seaward (Caretaker)
Picture 47 Mrs Elhassen (Midday supervisor)
Picture 48 Mr Power (Midday supervisor)
Picture 49 Mrs Whittle (Midday supervisor)
Picture 50 Mrs Harvey (Cleaner)
Picture 51 Mrs Majid (Midday supervisor)
Picture 52 Mrs Naher (Midday supervisor)
Picture 53 Mrs Chowdhury (Midday supervisor)
Picture 54 Mrs Power (Midday supervisor, Cleaner)
Picture 55 Mrs Seager (Midday supervisor, Cleaner)
Picture 56 Mrs Guan (Cleaner)