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Croeso! Bienvenidos! أهلا بك!  vítejte!


Thank you for visiting our page!

We hope that you find the information you are looking for. Please visit our page often as we try to upload photos and other interesting documents which will give you a flavour of the learning that takes place in our classes.


Our teachers this year are Mrs Cath Davies and Mrs Ellinor Watts.
The classes are supported by Miss Tania Harvey, Mrs Sohad Said and Mrs Mel Jarvis.

Please do not hesitate to speak to us in person at any time. We are always available for a quick word at the start of the morning session and also at the end of the day when we send the children home. For an appointment, please contact the school admin office and a mutually suitable time will be arranged.

Our theme for this next term will be : Carnival

As part of the topic we will be learning about continents and countries around the world.  We will be learning about carnivals in Brazil, London and America.  We will be making masks, head dresses, musical instruments, wrist bands and much, much more.  Before holding our own Roath Park street carnival.

If you have any ideas,  books, artefacts or expertise that you would like to share, please let us know.




W/C 05/06/17 

This week we are looking at the doubling and halving fact families e.g. Double 7 is 14, therefore half of 14 must be 7 and for those who are ready we will be using partitioning to double larger numbers, e.g. double 22 is 20+20= 40, 2+2= 4, 40+4=44. We are also revising odd and even numbers, especially larger numbers in the 100 square.

We are still practising our Learn It's- Bonds to 10, 20 (100 eg 60+40), halves and doubles to 20 and simple additions, 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less.

We are assessing the children's reading skills to ensure they are reading texts at the appropriate level and learning how to use an Atlas to locate continents, countries and oceans.

This week we are writing up our bean experiment. 



Terrific Tuesday-

Terrific Tuesday has now become Fantastic Friday but will run the same way every Friday afternoon.

During this session the children are split into 4 groups of 15.  One group will go to Forest Farm for the morning and undertake a variety of outdoor activities.  The other groups of children will partake in 3 activities which have a messy or creative theme-  Each week the children contribute their ideas to Fantastic Friday and we ensure that we use them when planning activities for the sessions.  This term we will be painting mini beast pebbles, making and baking biscuits, planting seeds and building dens.



Independent Tasks

The Independent tasks this week are practising our Nelson spellings and fact families e.g. 6+5=11, 5+6=11, 11-6=5, 11-5=6.



Reading: Children in Year One are encouraged to take home their reading books each week. We ask that parents and carers take some time each evening to share a reading book with their child. Each child has a reading diary, in which parents and carers may make written comments, praising the efforts of their child in their reading progress.   We respectfully ask that children return their reading folders on the correct day.

A blue folder on Monday, green on Tuesday, yellow on Wednesday, red on Thursday, orange on Friday

Additionally, each week, children are encouraged to make a loan from the school library. This book may be borrowed for a week and returned to school each Friday to be exchanged.

Spelling: We follow a structured spelling scheme and the children will be encouraged to take home words every week to learn at home. We encourage them to use the following strategy: Look, Cover, Write, Check.
  1. The child will look at a single word
  2. They will cover it up and attempt to remember how it is spelt
  3. They will have a go at writing the word
  4. They will then check the accuracy of their attempts.
  5. Please see lists of weekly spellings below.



Games and PE
All children will have regular physical education on Monday afternoons and Friday afternoons. This is an integral and essential part of our weekly teaching and learning and all children are required to participate fully. We request that you provide your child with the following items of clothing to change into for PE and Games lessons:
t-shirt or similar
  • shorts
  • socks
  • trainers

Sometimes lessons take place in the school hall, where children are required to be barefooted. Trainers will still need to be worn walking to and from the school hall.



Welsh phrase of the week:


We aim to encourage children to develop an interest and confidence in the Welsh language. Each day our pupils will use Welsh and we invite you to focus on specific phrases each week to reinforce their learning at home.


Beth sy yn y bocs? sgwar, cylch, triongl, petryal

coch, melyn, glas, oren, pinc, gwerdd, gwyn, du

Sut mae tywydd heddiw?- what's the weather like today?

Mae hi'n .......- It is .......

heulog- sunny

gymylog- cloudy

niwlog- foggy

wyntog- windy

boeth- hot

bwrw glaw- raining

bwrw eira- snowing

oer- cold


Anfeiliad Anwes- pets

ci- dog

cath- cat

crwban- tortoise

pysgoden- fish

llygoden- mouse

cwningen- rabbit

Oes _____ gyda ti?- Do you have a _______
Oes- yes

Nagoes- no

Oes mae ______ gyda fi.- Yes I have a _______

Dates for your diaries: 


Year 1 class assemblies- 1W- Friday 9th June

           1D- Thursday 15th June

School closed for election- June 8th