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Our school places a great emphasis on the benefits of attending school regularly and pupils are expected to attend school everyday.  


•  If a pupil is ill, parents must inform the school by telephone on the first morning of absence.

•  Parents must inform the office of any hospital or dental appointments in advance in order for the registers to be marked appropriately.

•  The school aims for every pupil to achieve a minimum of 97% attendance throughout the year. Where attendance falls bellow 90%, the parents will receive a letter from the school.

•  Where attendance falls below 85% parents will receive a letter from the school and will be referred to the Education Welfare Officers.

•  The Welfare and Wellbeing Officer checks our registers on a regular basis to establish that children are attending school regularly.


The school has a proactive system for rewarding pupils who attend on a regular basis.




Punctuality is encouraged as it sets good standards for life and also because valuable teaching time can be lost if children are late for school.


Children are expected to be in school before the bell rings at 8.55am. The school day starts promptly at 9am. A child arriving after this time will need to report to the main office to sign the late book. Persistent late comers will receive a letter from the Head teacher as lessons are disrupted through poor punctuality. Please note that children should not be left unattended on the yard before 8.45 when a member of staff will be on duty. 


Family Holidays

The school governors have taken the policy decision not to authorise family holidays during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.


The school must be informed beforehand and agreement received from the Headteacher for any holidays taken. It must be emphasised that some work will be difficult to repeat on a child’s return and therefore absences should be avoided where possible. 


In line with Welsh Government expectations, we carefully monitor any holidays taken during school time and in particular those taken as odd days or regularly on a Friday or Monday.

Good attendance is essential to children reaching their potential. Please find a weekly analysis of attendance for each class at school below.