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Today we left the school at 10:30, due to the bus being late.we had a fun time on the bus, gladly 

 No one was sick!🤒After an hour of driving we arrived at Bristol Airport and split into our day groups. We checked our bags and got given our boarding passes and then went through security.a few of us got checked but everyone was ok. After security we spent a lot of time in the departure lounge eating our lunches and looking in the shops. Finally they announced our gate number... TAKE OFF!🛫✈️As soon as we got into the air we could smell the sweets and hear the rustling of the sweet wrappers. An hour and twenty minutes flew by ( literally ) and then ..............


We grabbed our suitcases off the conveyor belt and got on another bus. We had to get used to the feeling of  driving on the right and all the French signs on the road. At last we arrived at our cabins in the middle of the wood. We got sorted into our night groups and started to unpack. At 7:30 we had our first dinner and once we were finished we played outside at ten we all went into our cabins and went to sleep......or not!😄We were very exited about the next and first full day and

finally settled down in bed.


Lena, Bea and Isobel


Sunday 14th May 2017

On Sunday, we had breakfast at the breakfast bar then the bus came at 9:30am. The bus took us to the Dune De Pilat (sand dunes) which is the largest sand dunes in Europe. They were very hard to climb, but easy to run down! Lots of other people were visiting as it is a really beautiful place. After we went to different stalls and bought different items such as slushies, various souvenirs and ice cream.

For our afternoon activity we went to the town of Arcachon. We played on the beach and went crab fishing. We made a hole for the crabs to live in. Before we left, we had an official release and they found themselves back into the sea 🦀🦀🦀.

After all that we went to the accomadation to rest (play football!!) and watch The Good Dinosaur (film.). A beautiful day in beautiful place!!


Ed and Owen

Monday 15th May.

Today, me (Dammy) and Jasmine woke up at 6:30AM! Our coach left at 9:00AM; some of us were really tired! After we arrived, the French students sang 'Frere Jacqeu' for us, then we sang Calon 

Lân for them.

We visited classrooms and then had lunch with our new friends. The French teachers gave our teachers fresh oysters for lunch! 

After lunch we split into groups and had 3 different activities. We taught them Benchball and they showed us a game to help us with the French language. We could use it with our Welsh as well. We also played board games that the year 6 children made.

When we got home we had a big water fight! It was so fun! The weather was really warm so needed it!!


Our night time activity was a quiz. We got to eat popcorn and answer lots of questions. 

Another great day!


Damilola and Jasmine


Hi, today We (KatieB and Hermione) went with the school to Bordeaux city for a day! It was so fun, we went on a bus there for an hour and stopped by Monument aux Girondins- a statue with a bigfountain at the bottom. Then we went to the Market place but ,unfortunately, most of the shops/stalls were closed but people still bought things!Then we went to the Miro pool and splashed about! A litttle boy called beji came up to us and started making sounds and dancing and all the people around him coppied him. 

Bordeaux is beautiful!!

Finally we went back on the bus and we had a room inspection!!


                                       GOOD BYE!

Wednesday 17th May


Today we went to the school and did a lot of art , we went outside and collected loads of different types of nature. We came back in and painted the objects that we found and made sculptures. We then used different types of materials to make a collage. The collage was a big flag with one half of the Wales flag and the other half as Bordeauxs' flag. The French school will keep the collage as something to remember us by. 


We we got on the bus to drive to Bassin Adventures (high ropes). The staff gave a brief introduction to tell us what to do on the course. They put on our harnesses and made sure we were secure. We were ready to go. We got into our groups and chose our first course. We did all the green and blue courses (medium levels) and worked our way up to the red level (hard level).we finished course and bought snacks in the cafe with our money. 

It was great fun!!!


Ed and Jake