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ICT and the HWB



In Roath Park a large part of our ICT curriculum is centred around teaching our children to be safe online. If you're looking for more information about e-safety in general the NSPCC have a fantastic section on their website with lots of information about how to set up parental controls, talking to children about e-safety, the safety of some apps and games and plenty more. Please see the link below.



What is HWB?


At Roath Park we use a website called HWB to aid with a lot of our learning; you may well have heard your child talking about it. The homepage of the HWB website has a wonderful bank of topical resources, lots of information about e-safety and a creative learning zone. Everyone can access the HWB homepage at:


In addition to the normal HWB website we also use a learning platform called HWB+. Every child has their own individual login to access HWB+ so that they can save their files in their own account. HWB+ becomes available when the children are logged in to the HWB website (log in box, top right hand corner.)  On HWB+  the children are able to use a wide range of ICT skills that are taught and practised in school, but that they can then enjoy using at home too. We encourage children to start and join discussions, write blogs, email each other, create information pages (wikis) and upload homework if appropriate. The content is secure and only accessible via username and password to Roath Park Primary staff and pupils.


We plan to hold some HWB workshops in the Spring Term for parents to come in and see the wonderful things that the children are doing. We are very proud of our children's digital competency and look forward to celebrating and utilizing their skills with you.


Digital Leaders

We will be appointing new Digital Leaders that will help Digital Learning go on throughout the school.


The team will be made up from Yr5 and Yr6 children


We will also have a group of children that will make up the Digi Wizi's - of Yr2-Yr4's.