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Inclusion & Achievement - ALN

Welcome to the Inclusion and Achievement Team page. 


At Roath Park Primary, we work to ensure that children feel happy, successful and safe in school. Sometimes some children or families need extra support to make sure of this. The I&A team work together to provide children with extra support and interventions to help develop their learning, communication, behaviour or emotional skills. We work to allow all pupils the opportunity to achieve their personal potential, feel confident in their own ability and nurture a love of learning. 


Our team consists of 17 members of staff that support our Additional Learning Needs (ALN) pupils, both within the classroom and through planned support sessions in other areas like the Learning Loft, the Inclusion Pod and the Bubble Room. 


If you are concerned about your child and the progress he/she is making then please speak to their class teacher or Miss Bateman, our Acting Additional Learning Needs Co-ordinator.



How can I Help My Child?


  • Check your child's year group page which is updated regularly.
  • Read with your child as much as possible at home. Speak to Mrs Ivens if you want to chat about this.
  • Speak to your child's class teacher about their topic and spend time with your child researching the topic and talking about what they are learning in class. Ask them to show you their work on Seesaw and talk about what they have done.
  • Sit with your child to complete any homework sent home.

Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Reform


The Welsh Government is changing the way that children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) will be supported. The new system defines SEN as Additional Learning Needs (ALN). The law is changing for several reasons, but the main one is to make the process simpler and more transparent for all involved.


How will this happen?

There will be a phased approach to these changes over 3 years. This means there will be two systems operating from September 2021-2024, the new ALN system and the current SEN system. 

Additional Learning Needs in Wales - what's happening?

Please watch the video below for more information about the Additional Learning Needs Transformation Programme.

A Parent's Guide to Additional Learning Needs