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Welcome to the Inclusion and Achievement Team page. 


At Roath Park Primary we work to ensure that children feel happy, successful and safe in school. Sometimes some children or families need extra support to make sure of this. The I&A team work together to provide children with extra support and interventions to help develop their learning, behavior or emotional skills. We work to allow all pupils the opportunity to achieve their personal potential, feel confident in their own ability and nurture a love of learning. 


Our team consists of 13 members of staff that support our Additional Learning Needs pupils (ALN), both within the classroom and through planned support sessions in other areas like the Learning Loft, the Inclusion Pod and the Bubble Room. 


If you are concerned about your child and the progress he/she is making then please speak to their class teacher or Mrs Rigby.



Meet the I&A team!

Meet the I&A team! 1 Mrs Rigby (Leader of Inclusion & Achievement)
Meet the I&A team! 2 Mrs Ivens (Family Engagement, EAL Teacher)
Meet the I&A team! 3 Miss Bateman (EMTAS Teacher)
Meet the I&A team! 4 Miss Williams (I&A Teacher)
Meet the I&A team! 5 Mrs Khairul (EMTAS Teaching Assistant)
Meet the I&A team! 6 Mrs Richards (I&A Teaching Assistant)
Meet the I&A team! 7 Mrs Morris (I&A Teaching Assistant, 1:1)
Meet the I&A team! 8 Mrs Revell (I&A Teaching Assistant, 1:1)
Meet the I&A team! 9 Mrs Jarvis (I&A Teaching Assistant, 1:1)
Meet the I&A team! 10 Miss Watts (I&A Teaching Assistant, 1:1)
Meet the I&A team! 11 Mrs Awan (I&A Teaching Assistant, 1:1)

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What's happening this term?

A new year, and a new term! All class teachers and TAs are busy getting to know their new classes, and pupils new IEPs are now available for parents to view online, and make comments and contributions! You should have received your log in details last term, and created your account but if you haven't got a log in please see Mrs Rigby!


Please visit: 






How can I Help My Child?


  • Check the year group page of your child which is updated regularly.
  • Read with your child as much as possible at home. Speak to Mrs Ivens if you want to chat about this.
  • Speak to your child's class teacher about their Cornerstones topic and spend time with your child researching the topic and talking about what they are learning in class.
  • Sit with your child to complete any homework sent home.
  • A New Welsh Government Campaign: "Bedtime without the battles, shopping without the stropping".
  • The Welsh Government campaign 'Education Begins at Home'.

ALN Reform

Wales' system for supporting children and young people with additional learning needs (ALN) is changing!



The Bill has just been introduced into the National Assembly for Wales and is in preliminary stages of scrutiny. In a written Statement the Minister for Lifelong Learning said:


"The Bill proposes a complete overhaul of the system for supporting children and young people with additional learning needs, which will affect nearly every early years, school and further education setting in Wales".  


"The Bill builds on what works well in the current system, whilst targeting directly the concerns with it.  It outlines a bold new approach for supporting learners with additional learning needs; an approach that is fit for an ambitious, 21st century Wales in which the learning of all children and young people is prioritised".



Additional Learning Needs Transformation Programme

Additional Learning Needs in Wales - what's happening?

Family Engagement


Classroom Meets Community

At 'The Corner', you will find weekly events running throughout the term for families and members of our school community. The Corner is a non-profit making enterprise run by staff and parents of the school. 


Please follow the Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates of what's happening each week. @TheCornerRoath 



What’s happening at The Corner?

During September look out for:



  • English Class for Women

(Thursdays 9-10.15am)


  • Bumps and Babies Class

(Tuesdays 10-11.30 contact Helen 02920228033 or Sue 07766311425 for information)


  • Food Co op

(Wednesday afternoons)

 Fresh fruit, veg, stir fry and salad bags for £3


  • Family Links Nurture Programme

(Tuesdays 1-3pm from 19th Sept)


  • Coming soon- NVR training course

(how to best respond to aggressive, violent or controlling behaviour in children & young adults)


  •  Arabic Reading Group

(Thursday 1pm-2pm)


  • Teulu Family Learning

(For information contact Sue Ivens 07766311425 or 02920499549)



Also look out for our Pop up weekend events and weekday coffee mornings.


We are a non profit making School & Community venture – A learning, sharing pop-up space and more . . .  

Partnership/Support Services

There are lots of support services available to families, more information on these can be found on the notice board in the yard. If you need any more information please see Mrs Ivens.


TAF (Team Around the Family)


Dewis Cymru

Events at The Corner