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International Links Curriculum

  • At Roath Park Primary, we are extremely proud of our commitment to developing International Links. We recognise that our pupils are growing up in a global society where international cooperation and understanding are increasingly vital.

    We aim to provide learning opportunities that will enable all of our children to understand that they are citizens of the world. As educators of young minds, we strive to raise an awareness of the world around us, by opening as many "windows to the wider world" as possible. We wish for all children to be proud of their shared Welsh culture and to be excited about learning from our neighbours, near and far. We embrace fully the opportunities for respecting and celebrating global diversity.

    Knowledge of other nations, cultures and languages are enhanced through the use of communication technology. We value and celebrate our similarities as well as our differences. We hold strongly to the belief that children are very similar in classrooms across the world and hold the key jointly to a brighter future for us all.

    Our Aims

    • To provide an informed awareness of countries, cultures and languages

    • To celebrate and respect the diversities of culture, belief and heritage of all students and staff in our school and local and national communities

    • To enable students to know, become involved in and understand more about global issues

    • To enable students and staff to experience other people’s daily life and enjoy regular contact with those living in different countries

    • To reinforce the promotion of equal opportunities and equality

    • To embed the global dimension into the whole school and subjects’ and faculties planning.


    • Develop links with schools across the world

    • Offer opportunities to exchange teachers and students from other countries

    • Exchange work on joint projects that cover environmental and global issues, as well as those that promote Wales and our partners' countries

    • Promote communication between staff and students through ICT, letters and exchange of work

    • Provide staff with opportunities to compare different teaching and learning styles

    • Provide an annual timetable of activities that celebrate the diversity of cultures within our school

    • Encourage subjects and contexts for learning to address the global dimension and participate in timetabled activities through their schemes of work and lesson planning

    • Encourage parents, carers and the local community to share in activities that promote global issues, diversity and community cohesion

    • To act as a Lead School and promote the benefits of the global dimension to our network of partner schools.

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    Our Partner Schools


    Zhonghua Road Primary School, Chongqing, China

  • CEMEB Prefeito João Aprillanti, Varzea Paulista, Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Hilalpur Govt. Primary School, Sylhet Region, Bangladesh