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Mathematics and Numeracy

Leader: Mr Jonathan Keohane


Mr Keohane leads on Mathematics and Numeracy across the school. A


The first thing to say is that we LOVE mathematics and all aspects of number work! Please make sure that you convey this same positive message to your child - even if you didn't have a positive experience yourself when you were in Maths lessons!


We teach Maths through a variety of activities that are linked into real life situations - children have to see the value of numbers and see that we need them to get through life on a daily basis. Your child will be asked to complete homework that involves number work, but this will almost invariably be linked into their thematic work in school, or it will be consolidating number skills that they will need to be able to solve various problems and complete activities in class. We use a programme called 'Big Maths' (and in Nursery and Reception - 'Little Big Maths!). We hold a parents' forum about this every Spring term so that you can see how Maths is taught in our primary school, but please come in and ask if you want to know more.


Every May, the Welsh Government set two Number tests for all children from Year 2 to Year 6. One test is called Number Procedural and it tests your child's knowledge and application of a range of number skills. The second test is called Numeracy Reasoning and this sets up situations where children have to use and apply their number skills to solve a variety of number problems.


You will receive the results of these tests in July, when your child brings home their Annual Written Report from school.


To help your child prepare for these tests, please go to the Learning Wales website and to our Parents' page - 'Helping Your Child with..'