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Mr Thomas, New Teacher

Mr Thomas Class 5T Teacher 2020

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Reference: KS2/JOB/Y5T

Date: 22nd June 2020


Dear Parents, Carers and Children of Ms Markers class,


As you are aware, I wrote to the school a few weeks ago to inform children of their new class teacher for September 2020. Unfortunately, at the time, I was not able to confirm who would be teaching Ms Markers current class next year.


I am now delighting to inform you that today, after a lengthy interview process, we have appointed Mr Peter Thomas to teach what will be 5T in September.


Over the past few weeks we received 156 applications for the position at the school. We “long listed” and asked candidates to plan a launch day for a topic and create a video introducing themselves. This video was used with a group of children to provide feedback. From there we shortlisted and today the candidates presented their vision for an engaging and exciting classroom followed by an interview. This was all completed virtually.


Although the quality and skills of all candidates was extremely high the panel believe that Mr. Thomas will be a great fit into our amazing Roath Park team.  


Mr. Thomas has previously worked for an education charity in London and has lots of experience in that field. He is a fluent Spanish speaker and really wants to develop these skills at our school. He also enjoys a range of sports and travelling. Mr Thomas believes in making all lessons challenging but fun and he really looks to link learning to pupils’ individual interests. He is kind and always provides time for pupils in his class.


Over the next few days I have asked Mr. Thomas to create a small video aimed at his new class. I have also scheduled a planning meeting with him to see if he can attend the pods on the moving up days to meet his new class.


We are excited about Mr. Thomas joining our team and I know he will complete many amazing learning experiences with you.


Best wishes,



Jonathan Keohane