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National Tests 3rd - 10th May, 2016

Here is the timetable for the National tests for this year. All children from Years 2-6 will be tested in Reading Comprehension, Numeracy Procedural, and Numeracy Reasoning. Please look at the 'Helping Your Child With Their Learning' page for some examples of what the children should expect!

National Tests 2016


Timetable – test window – 3rd – 10th May.


Year 3


Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Reading Comprehension

Tuesday 3rd May – 9 am

Tuesday 3rd May  11 am

Friday 6th May-

9 am

Friday 6th May - 11am

Numeracy – procedural

Wednesday 4th May -11 am

Wednesday 4th May - 9am

Monday 9th May – 11 am

Monday 9th May- 9 am

Numeracy - Reasoning

Friday 6th May


Friday 6th May


Tuesday 10th  May 9 - am

Tuesday 10th May-11 am


*Year 2 will be taking their tests in class in groups during the test window.

*Tests for Years 3 – 6 will take place in the hall and in classrooms

** Due to losing a day due to the elections being in the hall on Thursday 5th May, Years 3+4 will have their Numeracy Reasoning tests in their classrooms on Friday 6th May