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Roath Park is GREEN!

National Categorisation 2020

Every year the Welsh Government complete an activity called categorisation. During this process schools will be judged on their ability to improve and how much support they need.


I am delighted to inform you that the categorisation judgements for Roath Park this year are:


Improvement Capacity: A  (A–D judgements with A being top)

Support Category: Green (Green, Yellow, Amber, Red)


The Green support category judgement has been awarded because:

* Well run school with strong leadership

* Clear about priorities for improvement

* A track record in raising standards

* Has the capacity to support other schools


Only two schools in Wales managed to move from Amber to Green this year (us and a school in Caerphilly). This is a great achievement.

Although the school is delighted with the judgements it will not stop our work towards making the school the best it can be for the pupils. The school also understands that the support category is not a judgement upon performance but how much support the school needs. If the Strategic Leadership Team felt the school needed additional support then we would have pitched for a yellow support category as we always want the best for our school.


I would like to thank the staffing team, pupils, families and community for the hard work and support given to the school. This will continue as we drive towards even higher standards. As I told our Challenge Advisor, we are always Roath Blue!