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Welcome to Nursery

A Nursery Tour

Come and have a look around our Nursery learning envionment.

Nursery Team

We have lots of grown ups to help us in Nursery - 

The Team:

Mrs Wright - Nursery Teacher

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Summers, Miss Herbst and Mrs Attiwell




We love to sing songs, play games, read stories and explore. We start by coming in and hanging our coat up on a peg with our photo and name on it. We put our name onto the group that we are in. We have a look at all the different activities that are set up in the classroom and start to play. When we are all settled we have a sing together and see how may of our friends have come to play today. We talk about the weather and what day it is. We like to sings songs and talk about what we are going to be thinking and learning about. 


And then...we play...we love to make a mess, sort, cut and stick as well as paint and draw. Outside there is a builders yard, a water area and lots of things to climb and balance on. You can choose to be out here when you want to.


We have snack time where you can chose a healthy piece of fruit and have a drink. Please note we are a nut free school, so no nuts at all please. No yoghurts or biscuits just a piece of fruit. We love to listen to a story while we are having a rest.


In small groups we practise our counting or learning sounds from the Jolly Phonics. We have a chance to have a talk and practise listening too.


When it is time to say goodbye to everyone we help to tidy away the toys and sing goodbye. Then it is time to go - and we look forward to seeing you again the next day! 


Wednesday is our PE day - Please ensure that your child is wearing socks and trainers that they have practised taking off and putting on.

We ask that you could provide a bag - with your child's name on it that has a raincoat, waterproof trousers and wellies, all with your child's name on - that can be kept here in Nursery so that we can make sure they are dry for when the weather is wet as we like to go outside in all weathers.


When your child comes each day - in their bag with their name on is where you can put their snack and drink along with a spare change of clothes in case we need to change them. Please could you take care to ensure their name is on coats, jumpers/cardi's and hats to make sure we can help your child take home everything that they came with. Thank you. 


We are going to be an Early Years Unit and so the children will have opportunities to learn and play together.

When do I keep my child off school?

During the Spring term we will be learning about how to care for each other and pets.