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Welcome to Nursery!


A very warm welcome to the Nursery website page!
Please find below some general information about our Nursery. 

The website page will be updated each week so please check back regularly to see what all of the nursery children have been up to!

If your child is unable to come to nursery one day, we would be very grateful if you could call us to let us know! 


Class Teachers
Class Teacher: Miss Z England
Teaching Assistants: Miss K Davies, Mrs W Said, Mrs S Shaz
Also Mr Willicombe who replaces Miss Davies on a Friday.

General Information
Below is some general information about our nursery, however if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to come in for a chat.
We are usually available at the end of each Nursery session or would be more than happy to arrange an appointment to meet with you.

Nursery start times: Morning Nursery 9am - 11:30am / Afternoon nursery 1pm - 3:30pm

Snack: All children will be provided with a healthy snack and milk each day. The cost of this is currently £4 per half term. Please put the money in an envelope with your child's name on it and send it in to the school office or in to nursery. Please pop in to let us know of any dietary requirements if we are not already aware of them.

Clothing and School Uniform: School uniform is not compulsory in Nursery but is available to order from the school office if you are interested. Please dress your children in comfortable clothes for nursery including sensible footwear as the children will have access to the outdoor equipment everyday. On cold days please ensure your child has a warm coat and hat & gloves / mittens.

Toys - We politely ask that you encourage your children to leave all of their toys at home and not bring them to nursery.....we would hate for any toys to get lost in nursery. 

Head lice- We politely ask that you check your child's hair regularly and treat any head lice appropriately. We are sure that you appreciate how quickly these can spread in a nursery setting.

W/C 6th July 2015

W/C 13th July 2015



A huge thank you to all of our parents for their support at our Nursery sports from the day are in the folder below....the children were fantastic on the day and we could not have asked for better weather.




Our class assembly is the next thing that the Nursery children are preparing for.

This will be on Thursday 9th July in the school hall.

Morning Nursery will be doing their assembly at 10am and afternoon Nursery will be doing theirs at 2pm - all parents and grandparents welcome to come and watch.

We have sent letters home requesting certain clothes for your children for our assembly. We would be very grateful if these could be brought in to us on Monday 6th July. Thank you again for your continued support.



As we are close to the end of the term, there will be no library books coming home this week. Your child will receive their new library books once they have started in Reception.

Please could we ask you to return any remaining school library books you may have at home as soon as possible. Thank you!!



Lots of our parents have asked when they will be able to take their childs Nursery book home.

If your child is coming to Reception at Roath Park next year, them we will be keeping the books safely in school and you will have the book given to you at the end of Reception.

If your child is starting Reception in another school, then you will be given your child's book to take home at the end of next week.



Literacy Activities  

This week we will be practising our class assembly. All the children who have speaking parts have been given their words to take home. We would really appreciate your support at home to help your child learn their words and practise saying them with a loud and clear voice.

During our final week in Nursery we will be reacpping all of the Jolly Phonics we have learnt this year. We will also be drawing our last picture in Nursery and writing our name, so that we can see how much we have progressed since drawing our very first picture in Nursery.


This weeks Maths activities


We have daily maths sessions in Nursery - these are called our CLIC sessions -

C= Counting

L= Learn It's

I = It's nothing new

C = Calculation

During our last week we will be reacpping all the number songs and rhymes we have learnt throughout the year, as well as recapping all of our counting during short counting sessions.


Welsh activities


Each day in Nursery we use lots of Welsh. We have a Helpur Heddiw who helps hand out the milk and ensures we are all using as much Welsh as we can!

We're really good at:

- talking about the weather....sut mae'r tywydd?

- saying how we are.......sut wyt it?

- saying what our name is.......pwy wyt ti?

Counting.......un, dau, tri, pedwar, pump, chwech, saith, with, naw, deg

- Using greetings.... Bore da, prynhawn da, hywl fawr

- Naming our body parts and playing the game "Ble Mae..." "Where is..."

- We are now getting better at learning to say what we are wearing and also what our friends are wearing ..."Dillad" ..... "Clothes".

-We are also getting better at our Welsh colours ... "Lliwiau"



Our topic work

This week we will continue with our assembly art work! We will also be practisng our singing for our class assembly.

We will be talking about what we have enjoyed most during our year in Nursery.



Helping at home

There are many things you can do at home to help your child with their learning:


-Look at the website to see what your child has been doing in Nursery and ask them about the activities.....can they show you their counting, can they teach you a number rhyme or song? What has been their favourite part of the week and Why?


- Encourage your child to play in the outside, develop gross motor skills through climbing at the local park, balancing, running, jumping, bike riding and playing games such as what is the time Mr Wolf? Help develop fine motor control with finger rhymes such as 1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive or through playdough activities.....why not have a go at doing a dough dance.....see on YouTube or on the link below.


- Encourage your child to be inquisitive about letters in the world around them, play games such as eye spy. Encourage your child to recognise their name and try to spot the letters in their name out and about in shops, on sign posts, in books etc... Sing the songs from our jolly phonics or hide the sounds around the house or garden and go on a sound hunt. The sounds we have learnt so far are

s, a, t, i, p, n, c, k, e, h, r, m, d, g, o, u, l, f, b, j, z, w, v, y, x


- Encourage your child to mark make, draw and "write"... This doesn't have to be on about in shaving foam on a mirror, with a paint brush and water on the dry ground outside, in condensation on a window in the car or in the mud in the garden? Encourage your child to do big pictures and writing on a large scale before refining it and making it smaller. When your child is ready, encourage your child to hold the pencil correctly and begin to write their name.


- Take time to read to your children...all sorts of books.....fiction and non fiction. Talk about the pictures and look at the writing....can your child spot any letters that they recognise? Make stories up and encourage your child to contirbute to the story...what could happen at the beginning or end? Visit the local library and encourage your child to choose their own books or CD stories to listen to.


- Spot numbers and shapes out and about in the natural environment. Go on a number hunt in the house or in the garden. Count different objects as you go about your daily many ducks are in the pond? How many swings are in then park, how many apples are in the fruit basket?


- If you have a iPad there are many free and exciting apps available to develop fine motor control and help with letter and number recognition and formation as well as interactive story telling apps. Why not try "Maths 3-4" or "magic writing" or "magic numbers " or writing wizard"?




Important dates for your diary


Thursday 9th July - Nursery Class Assembly
All parents welcome to come and watch their child in our class assembly

Morning Nursery Assembly 10am in school hall

Afternoon Nursery Assembly 2pm in school hall


Friday 17th July - Last day of school- Summer holidays begin! 

Useful websites linked to our learning
Listed below are some websites that you may enjoy using with your child and will help develop simple computer skills and enhance what we will be learning in Nursery. - early years section - literacy - "phoneme pop" & numeracy "counting caterpillar"


Please see the articles below for photos!

Preparing for reception