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The Project Approach​​​​​​​

Our topic titles are designed so a broad range of concepts, contexts and skills can be explored.

Each topic is approached in the following way:


Each topic begins with a Stunning Start, where teachers introduce the topic to the children. This could be through a trip, an expert visiting school, or an experience created at Roath Park School. Sometimes, the topic is a surprise to the children until this point.


Special days and events are designed to enhance the topic.

E.g. “People Who Help Us” – a day when pupils dress as police, doctors, other professions.


The middle of each topic is celebrated with a Marvellous Middle.  This is another event which inspires children and which keeps the topic alive for the children.  Sometimes, the Marvellous Middle can involve a visitor or a trip, and other times it could involve an event or a production which the children are working towards.


Each topic ends with a Fabulous Finish, where the children are given opportunities to present their learning in interesting and varied ways.  The Fabulous Finish is the finale to all of our topics.  This usually involves the children working towards a grand sharing of the learning that they have produced in their topics.  It could involve a production or an event led by the children. Often, the Fabulous Finish will involve parents and / or the community.