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Pupil Voice

 This year our school has worked hard to make sure that all pupil voices are heard. We have a number of different groups that have been set up and each group has nominated one person to represent them at the School Cabinet. This group meets once every half term with Mr Skinner and Councillor Lent, our Chair of Governors. Any things that arise are then brought up at the next Governing Body meeting, so that our children really have a say about what happens at our school. Here are the different groups.

The School Council


There are 21 members of this group.

 Our Sport Ambassadors

There are 10 members on this group.


Our Road Safety and Bike It Group


There are 17 members of the group.


Digital Leaders


There are 6 members of this group.


Eco Warriors


There are 19 members of this pupil voice group. 


Learning and Teaching Ambassadors


There are 6 members of this group.


Pupil Newspaper Club


There are 9 members of this group.


This means that altogether we have 98 pupils who make a huge contribution in helping our school to improve.