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Please find below information about our Reception classes and the work that we are covering in class.
There are 2 Reception classes - RW & RD. The staff members working with the Reception classes this year are as follows:

Teachers: Mrs Watts/ Mrs Payne (RW/P) & Mrs Davies (RD)
HLTA's: Mrs Williams (RW) & Mrs Brown (RD)
Teaching Assistants: Mrs S Said (RW), Mrs Baldwin (RE) & Mrs Webber (RW) Mrs Ayres (RW/RD)


PE & GAMES - The children in the Reception classes will have a games lesson each week on the Wednesday and a PE lesson each week on the Friday. We ask that all the children bring a PE kit into school and leave it in school for each half term. At the end of each half term the kit will be sent home for washing. The children should have a t-shirt, shorts or joggers and a pair of sports shoes in their PE kit. We kindly ask the all clothing and kit bags are labelled clearly with the children's names.

HOMEWORK- The children in the Reception Class will be given a homework folder to bring home each week. In the folder the children will have a reading book and a small homework book. Please enjoy your child's reading book with them. Look at the pictures and text & discuss the story with your child. There will be a short piece of homework in the little homework book which is linked to your child's reading book. We will also sometimes send home activities that are linked to the work that we have been doing in class that week. We ask politely that you support your child with their homework as your support at home really makes a difference to your child's learning and will reinforce everything we are doing in school. We ask that all homework folders are brought back in to school on the Monday each week.
The children in the reception classes will be introduced to all of the Jolly Phonics sounds. When we have introduced all the sounds your child may have some tricky words and word boxes sent home. When working with your child on the word boxes please encourage your child to sound out and blend the sounds together to read the words. The tricky words are words that your child needs to gain sight recognition of. Have a go at playing match with the words or hide them for your child  find to make learning these words more fun.

LIBRARY BOOKS - The children in the Reception classes will have the opportunity to visit the school library once a week where they will be able to choose a library book to bring home. This will be sent home in a library folder each week. Please enjoy your child's chosen book with them. We ask that all library folders are brought back in to school on Thursday or Friday each week. Unfortunately we will not be able to change your child's library books if books and folders are not returned to school.

SNACK MONEY - The children in the Reception classes will be provided with a healthy snack each morning to go with their milk. Snack money is £4 per half term and we would be very grateful if at the beginning of each half term, the money could be sent in an envelope with your child's name on and given to the office.

FOREST FARM SCHOOL- all children in the reception classes will have a chance to take part in a block of Forest School sessions starting in September 2014. As it is not possible to take all the children at the same time,  the children will be taken in groups of 15 once a week to forest farm, where they will have the opportunity to explore the natural environment and take part in lots of fun outdoor activities. At the end of the block of sessions the children will help to build a camp fire and cook marshmallows on it. Sessions will run on Wednesday afternoons and you will be sent a letter when it is your child's turn to take part in the sessions. Please remember to dress your child in a lovely warm coat, hat and scarf on the days that they will be taking part. We will provide wellies and waterproofs. 

If you have any questions, concerns or worries about your child then please do not hesitate to come and speak to the class teacher. We are always here to discuss any issues and we are normally available in the classroom at the end of the day or will certainly be able to make an appointment to meet with you. 



Our topic is At The Beach if you have any books or artefacts that are relevant to our topic please bring them in to share with us.


WEEKLY OVERVIEW - W/C 29/06/15- 06/07/15





This week is a very busy week in Reception.  On Thursday we will be performing our class assembly so we will be doing lots of singing and practise to ensure we are ready for the big performance.  In literacy this week we will be thinking of lots of wow words to describe a pirate. We will also be practising our handwriting and reading the Tricky Words.


Another very busy week in Reception.  We will be having lots of sports day practise, before we take to the field on Wednesday 8th July (weather permitting).  We shall be assessing the children's phonics and tricky words and practising handwriting and reading.




This week we will be writing numbers to 20 and beyond, and completing addition and subtraction sums.  We will be sharing even numbers and comparing and ordering items by size.


This week is all about shape.  We will be sorting them, naming them and describing their properties.  We will also be finishing our Little Big Maths booklets.


This week is all about Pirates.  If you have any books or artefacts related to pirates please send them in.  Thank you.

Our topic work this week includes: dressing up and taking pirate selfies, making flags, bunting, eye patches and maps.  Digging for treasure and making boat.  We will also be looking at pictures of holidays at the beach and discussing whether they happened in the past or whether they are modern photos.  We will also be discussing things that you find at the beach.



Pwy wy ti?
Sut wy ti?
Ga i fynd i'r ty bach?
Dyma - here is
Mae____ tost gyda fi.  My _____ hurts.
Beth wyt ti'n eisau/ hoffi- What do you want/ like
Dwi'n hoffi- I like
Beth sy yn y fasged- What is in the basket.
aval- apple
peren- pear
banana- banana
granwyn- grapes
chocled- chocolate
loisin- sweets
colours- see below

ci- dog
cath- cat
pysgoden- fish
llygoden- mouse

buwch- cow
dafad- sheep
mochyn- pig
iar- chicken
asyn- donkey


pen- head

bola- tummy

coes- leg

braich- arm

llygad- eye

clustiau- ears


Dillad- clothes

crys t- t shirt

cot- coat

trwsus- trousers

sanau- socks

ffrog- dress

sgert- skirt


         ****     Have a go at practising some of our welsh that we have been learning with your child.... ****

Sut Wyt ti?  - How are you?             Da iawn diolch, wedi blino, hapus, trist. -  very good Thankyou, tired, happy, sad 

Pwy Wyt ti? - Who are you / what is your name?           ...........ydw I   -  I am ...........

Sut mae'r tywydd? - What is the weather?         Mae hi'n heulog, bwrw glaw, bwrw eira, boeth, oer - it is sunny, raining, snowing, hot

Pa liw ? - which colour?           Glas, Gwyrdd, coch, du, gwyn, melyn, pinc - blue, green, red, black, white, yellow, pink
Ble mae.....? - Where is.......?           Dyma...... - Here is .......

Reception Sport's Day- Wednesday 8th July- Roath Park Rec 1:30ish.

We shall provide drinks.  Please do not give ice- creams or sweets to the children during sports day.  If you would like to collect your child after sports day PLEASE see the class teacher.



There are lots of lovely websites that you can use at home with your child that will reinforce the skills that your child is learning in school. Listed below are a few websites that your child may enjoy!!
lots of fun maths and language games
Early years section - lots of fun activities to practise maths and language skills as well as activities to practise mouse control!
Enjoy a variety of maths counting games

Please also remember to look under the games section on the school website homepage where you will find lots of links to games.


Please see the articles below which will keep you updated with photographs of what the Reception children have been up to in class!

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