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Rhiannon Roberts Art Project

Rhiannon Roberts Art Project

Rhiannon Roberts is a welsh artist living and working in Cardiff. Her colourful designs capture the landscape and vibrancy of Cardiff life.


Download the link to see some examples of Rhiannon's work. 



All about…

After graduating with a degree in Psychology from Cardiff University in June 2010, Rhiannon decided to build a career for herself as an artist, working from her studio in Ciliau Aeron, near Aberaeron. Now living in Cardiff Bay, Rhiannon sells her original work all over Wales and turns work into various products such as cards, coasters, placemats, prints and glass boards.

Using her vivid imagination and bright, vibrant colours, various sceneries are painted with a fresh and modern twist, waves being an intrinsic element of all her paintings. She mixes reality with fantasy to create magical worlds. Rhiannon hopes that her work, being so full of character and fun, will make others feel happy and will inspire others to think like her!

WINNER of best art portfolio under 25yrs in the Urdd Eisteddfod, 2011
WINNER of best SAA waterscape and seascape category, 2011


Watch an interview with Rhiannon here:






Design your own artwork in the style of Rhiannon.

You could paint anywhere! Could be our school or your favourite place. Remember – colour, colour, colour!


Look at Rhiannon’s prints on her website or through a Google search.

Pick your favourite 3 and explain why they are your favourite.


Present this on PowerPoint.


Rhiannon will be visiting Roath Park soon. Do some research and thing of questions you might want to ask her.


Write a biography about Rhiannon.


Where in the country?

Print a map of Wales. Highlight all the towns/cities/places that Rhiannon has painted.

If you can, print off little screenshots of the paintings and create a visual display.