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Roath Park Book Club


A few of us remember when we originally had a Book Club. It was thanks to Julian that we discovered “The Da Vinci Code”, long before it became the global publishing phenomenon!


The idea was to start our club again using the Staff Lounge as a regular venue. No reason why we can’t get ahead of the game and start reading our first nove, whilst we are at home self isolating!l.


I’m going to suggest a classic to begin with. It’s a novel I’ve always aspired to read but for some reason it’s always escaped me. “Wuthering Heights” conjures images of misty moors and hidden secrets. It also reminds me of Kate Bush waving her arms in the air as if she’s trying to swat persistent flies. If anyone would like to join me you can download a copy right here.


You might have to download an eBook viewer and converter but it’s fairly straightforward.


Please feel free to download or upload any eBooks that you have for others to discover.