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School Aims

Shared Curriculum Vision (pupils, staff, parents and governors, September 2019) 


“At Roath Park Primary School we aim to deliver a bespoke curriculum that has at its heart the attributes of a family-oriented, multi-cultural community. We care passionately about our children’s well-being, their individuality and their diversity.


Our teaching and learning opportunities aspire to  excellence. They serve to reflect the challenges of the fast-paced and evolving world we inhabit. We seek to prepare our pupils to understand what it means to be Welsh, whilst developing as Global Citizens and leaders of the future.”

The school vision statement is:

Living Together, Learning Together, Growing Together

Byw Gyda’n Gilydd, Dysgu Gyda’n Gilydd, Tyfu Gyda’n Gilydd


At Roath Park Primary School, we aim to work with you to ensure:  

  that our children have a good foundation of knowledge from which to build, in order to develop their potential.
  that children leave Roath Park literate, numerate and self-motivated.
  equality of opportunity for all children, irrespective of race, religion, gender, ability or social background.
  that our children are happy, caring individuals, respectful of other people, their property and the property of the School
  that as a School we play our full part in the life of the local Community
  that our children develop enquiring minds, enhanced self-image and are proud of their achievements 
  that we consistently examine and review the quality, breadth and progression of the Curriculum that we offer to pupils and adapt and improve it accordingly
  that we provide a caring, stimulating environment, where quality teaching and learning takes place
  that all sections of the School Community adhere to our whole School antiracist policy at all times
  that all sections of the School Community are consulted when whole School policies are reviewed and  updated. An Equalities statement from the Governing Body


Our mission is…

At Roath Park Primary School, we are committed towards working towards equality regardless of disability, race, gender, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation or gender reassignment and to the creation of an inclusive culture in which every individual, regardless of ability and background, is enabled to participate and is valued as a member of the School Community. We therefore promote positive approaches to difference and foster respect for people of all cultural backgrounds.