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Roath Park is committed to being environmentally sustainable and therefore all communications are through an online application. The school uses an App called “Schoop” to keep in touch with parents and families.


Regular newsletters, letters and messages are sent using the app.


The app is free to download and doesn’t cost much to use.


Schoop can be downloaded onto as many handsets as you like. It is advisable that whoever is involved in your child's education downloads Schoop, e.g. grandparents, older sibling, childminder, etc…


How To Download


1. Open up Google Play or the iStore.


2. Search for “Schoop”. This will have the logo like above.


3. Download the app.


4. When the app is downloaded type in the school ID code:  4303


5. Select the groups you want to follow. Each class has a group.


6. You will receive notifications when messages are sent.


If you want to use Schoop via your email then please visit and sign up.