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Self Evaluation Summary






  • Standards at the expected outcome in foundation phase are consistently good or better.
  • Standards at the expected level  in key stage 2  phase are consistently excellent.
  • Standards at the expected levels in key stage 2 phase are consistently good or better.
  • Nearly all pupils apply exceptional skills across the curriculum.
  •  Standards at the expected +1 outcome in foundation phase.


  • Nearly all pupils feel safe, well cared for and highly valued. Nearly all pupils display a supportive and very caring attitude towards  each other and adults in the school.
  • Nearly all pupils now how to be healthy and confident.
  •  Behaviour across the school is good.
  • Most pupils have a good attitude to learning.


This inspection area is exceptionally strong in the school.

Pupil wellbeing is a strength of the school.

Pupil behaviour in the school is strong.


  •  Improve attendance.


  •  Teaching and learning is good.
  • IA5 – improved focus by leaders to collect regular evidence to inform judgements. This has helped to identify good practice and model across the school. In addition, this has helped to identify colleagues who have needed additional support and as a result have made improvements with their teaching.
  • Welsh provision has developed and is now purposeful across the school. 
  • Planning is now uniform across the school and this has allowed very strong progression between year groups. As a result, pupils have very good opportunities for different learning experiences
  • Opportunities for pupils to apply their numeracy skills have improved since 2018 and there are now comprehensive opportunities.
  • The school provide worthwhile learning experiences that stimulate and challenge most pupils.  As a result, most pupils are   engaged in their learning and make purposeful progress.

Develop the Curriculum for Wales 2022 vision.


Learning experiences across the school stimulate and challenge the full range of pupils to a very high standard [linked to new curriculum]


Develop a curriculum that fully reflects the nature of the school’s context, including activities that reflect the local area.  


Leaders have a clear strategic role and rationale for curriculum in terms of benefits to pupils.


Continue to focus upon high quality teaching, ensuring we are still meeting the statutory requirements of the current curriculum.


  “The school has an inclusive, caring and supportive ethos that permeates its daily life and work.  As a result, adults and pupils show a high level of kindness and respect for each another.


  • Pupils and teachers have very strong working relationships built upon trust and respect.
  • The school and the community have very strong working relationships built upon trust and respect.
  • The family engagement programme makes a notable contribution to the school’s pastoral support for pupils and their families. 
  • The school’s arrangements for safeguarding pupils are good

Develop the provision for improving attendance through a range of different strategies:

-ACE attenders

-Regular meetings with families causing concern

-early involvement of the EWO

-Family engagement officer making links with families that cause concern.



  • The school has established quickly a strategic vision for the school based on high expectations of staff and pupil performance.  They worked effectively with senior teachers to establish a well-defined leadership structure for the school. 
  • All leaders are now clear about their roles, responsibilities and lines of accountability.
  • Distributed leadership and how senior leaders mentor middle/early leaders.
  • Financially, the school is extremely well run.


How well do governors understand and discharge their roles and responsibilities?

Governing body to be involved in setting and monitoring strategic activities.

Support v Challenge?


Leaders clear strategic role and rationale for curriculum in terms of benefits to pupils (linked to IA3)



Estyn Report

Follow Up Visit March 2019: Roath Park Primary School is judged to have made sufficient progress in relation to the recommendations following the most recent core inspection.  As a result, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Education and Training in Wales is removing the school from any further follow-up activity.


The schools last Section 28 of the Education Act 2005 inspection was in September 2017.


ESTYN Judgement Sept 2017

School Judgement August 2019

IA1: Standards



IA2: Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning



IA3: Teaching and Curriculum Experiences

Adequate and needs improvement


IA4: Care, Support and Guidance



IA5: Leadership and Management

Adequate and needs improvement