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Staff Wellbeing Charter



Staff Wellbeing Charter


The Strategic Leadership Team and Governing Body are committed to the wellbeing of all staff and pupils at Roath Park Primary School. 

We believe that our staff are our most precious resource and provide valuable, high impact learning experiences for all learners.

The following charter has been developed to promote and foster wellbeing across the school.



Our overarching principal is we trust our staff to deliver high quality lessons and to provide high quality care, support and guidance for all of our learners.



  1. Teaching and Learning


    1. We trust our teachers to decide the best approach for their pupils.
    2. There is no need for teachers to produce lesson plans for any aspects of their role.
    3. Teaching and learning policies are consulted upon and designed to work best in different subjects.
    4. Although we provide schemes of work, they are not prescriptive – teachers and pupils can take the direction of the learning in any way they like.
    5. No differentiation for the sake of differentiation. Everyone teaches for the top with additional support, structure or resources for those who need it/if they need it/when they need it.
    6. No formal lesson observations will take place.
    7. No individual judgements of teaching and learning will be awarded.
    8. A culture of “geek is chic”, with pupils eager to learn.
  1. Behaviour


    1. Everyone has the highest expectations of behaviour, with all staff members reinforcing this.
    2. The positive behaviour policy is applied consistently and reinforced by all staff.
    3. A clear system of sanctions are applied consistently so staff feel supported to deal with pupils.
    4. Strategic Leadership Team is visible and supports colleagues.
    5. Strategic Leadership Team complete lunch duties to help manage behaviours at unstructured times and to allow staff to have their allocated lunch break.
  1. Assessment and Reporting to Parents


    1. The school has a feedback policy largely based around oral feedback.
    2. There is no expectation for teachers to write detailed comments “for the sake of it” in pupils books. Comments should only be written to extend learning and then should be short and to the point.
    3. Marking is for one audience – the pupils. Teachers are not expected to mark for Strategic Leaders of external agencies.
    4. There are two formal parents’ evenings per the academic year.
    5. A short focused written report will be provided once per year.
    6. Time will be provided for teachers to complete the report writing process.
    7. Teachers should only enter data that will be used and is valuable for the teaching and learning of pupils.
    8. Teachers will not be asked to enter any data sets more than once.
    9. The office, family engagement teacher and Strategic Leaders will support teachers with parental phone-calls and emails (if needed).
  1. Professional Learning


    1. Professional Learning (PL) is specifically tailored to meet the needs of staff.
    2. Time is provided for staff to put new ideas into action.
    3. Non-hierarchical approach to PL. Strategic Leaders can learn from an NQT/Teaching Assistant and vice versa.
    4. Staff meetings will not run beyond 1700.
    5. Staff twilights will be agreed and not run beyond 1800 three times a year. The time will be repaid in days in lieu.
    6. Briefings will be kept to a minimum.
    7. Comprehensive support for NQTs and new staff.
    8. Performance Management is tailored to the individual needs. Data targets are not used punitively but aspirational. We begin from the assumption that everyone will get their pay rise unless they haven’t done all they can to improve pupil outcomes.
    9. We develop leadership positions at all levels. We believe that if a colleague is ready then they should have exposure to leadership opportunities. This will be completed with a senior leader mentor. 
  1. Work Hard | Play Hard


    1. There are no prizes for looking busy or staying late – work in a way that suits you and make sure you make time for yourself and family
    2. No expectation of answering emails outside of working hours
    3. We are constantly streamlining our systems and processes so they take less time.
    4. No tick box culture – do not do anything unless it has impact and makes a difference.
    5. We regularly survey staff to get their honest opinions on how to improve.
    6. A culture of peer-to-peer praise is established to support each other.
    7. Annual INSET on staff wellbeing.
    8. Open door to Strategic Leaders – no concern is ever too small.
    9. Regular staff social events – out of school.
    10. In school events to promote wellbeing (Yoga, fitness, free flu jab)
    11. Seasonal events for everyone to show their less serious side (e.g. World book day, Christmas jumpers)
    12. Countless opportunities to get involved in the wider life of the school (E.g. residential trips, PL overseas)
    13. Opportunities for overseas visits.
    14. If something new is introduced then something old is taken away.
    15. Well-being is a key focus of the work of the school. Everyone looks after each other.
  • Trust – we trust you in what you do
  • Support – we will support you when/if you need it
  • Care – we care about you
  • Guidance – we will offer guidance when/if you need it
  • Interest  - we take an interest in you beyond the school
  • Happiness – we want you to be happy in work
  • Balance – we want you to get the balance of work and personal life right. Make time for yourself and family.