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Year 1

Blwyddyn 1 - Year 1


Croeso i Blwyddyn Un! - Welcome to Year One!


Teachers: Mrs Watts and Mrs Smith

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Brown/Mrs Shaz and Mrs Said 



We are pleased to announce that we will be going to see a performance of Little Red Riding Hood at the Sherman Theatre on TUESDAY 11TH DECEMBER at 1:30pm. Information letters and permission slips will be sent out on Monday 15th October. 


General Information

Games and PE is on a Thursday morning. Please could children be provided with t-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, jogging bottoms and a pair of trainers. Could you please place your child's name on all their clothing and games bag. 


Forest Farm takes place on a Thursday morning. All clothing and equipment are provided. Every child will be given the opportunity to visit at some point in the year.  Unfortunately we cannot take all the children at the same time.  Children are chosen by placing names in a hat; six from Mrs Watts' class and six from Mrs Smith's class. 



Please could you ensure that you listen to your child read daily for about ten minutes a time.  On the front of the reading folder is a label with the day that the folder is to be returned to school.  Could you please return the folder on the designated day so that we can listen to your child read and they can choose a new book to come home for the week. 



The spelling test takes place every Thursday morning. Could you please practise your child's spellings with them daily for about ten minutes.  Writing the spellings on separate pieces of paper, place them face down on a surface.  Your child chooses a card reads it, places it face down and then writes it on a piece of paper.  Together check the spelling by turning the card over.  If correct your child can keep the word and choose another, if incorrect place back with the others face down and mix them up.  



The children have been given a homework book which needs to be returned every FRIDAY. The weekly spellings will be placed in this book and something we have either covered in English, numeracy or topic to reinforce the children's learning. 



This term our topic is Superheroes. We will be looking at what makes a superhero and reading various stories with fictional and non-fiction heroes and heroines. We will be looking at how we develop from babies to adults. What makes us fit and healthy. On Friday afternoons we will be asking the children to contribute ideas that they would like to learn about and explore further.



Our sentence for this week is - Sut wyt ti? - How are you?

Ans: Dw i'n hapus - I'm happy. 

hapus - happy

trist - sad

wedi blino - tired

bendigedig - fantastic

ar ben y byd - on top of the world

We will also this half term be looking at shapes, colours and counting.

What are we learning in school?

What are we learning in school? 1
What are we learning in school? 2
What are we learning in school? 3