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Year 1

Blwyddyn 1 - Year 1


Croeso i Blwyddyn Un! - Welcome to Year One!


Teachers: Mrs Watts and Miss Williams

Teaching Assistants: Miss Price and Mrs Said

Distance Learning


During this time whilst schools are closed to the majority, we wanted to keep in touch and share ideas for work with you.

Each week we will publish a grid of learning ideas which will match the activities on Seesaw. 

Please complete one literacy and one numeracy activity per week, and another of your choice. We would also like you to choose one of the books to read from your Giglets library. 

Please note that we have included a range of optional games and resources and activities for you to complete should you wish. Please upload any work, photos or videos to Seesaw as we love seeing what you are doing and keeping in touch with you all.

If you or your child has any ideas for activities or you should need assistance please contact us on or 

General Information

Games and PE is on a Thursday morning. Please could children be provided with t-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts, jogging bottoms and a pair of trainers.

Could you please place your child's name on all their clothing and games bag.


Forest Farm takes place on a Thursday morning. All clothing and equipment are provided. Every child will be given the opportunity to visit at some point in the year.  Unfortunately we cannot take all the children at the same time.  Children are chosen by placing names in a hat; six from Mrs Watts' class and six from Miss Williams' class. You will be notified by letter before the children start their block. You will need to complete and return the form.



Please could you ensure that you listen to your child read daily for about ten minutes at a time.  On the front of the reading folder is a label with the day that the folder is to be returned to school.  Could you please return the folder on the designated day so that we can listen to your child read and they can choose a new book to come home for the week. 


We will continue to send home word boxes and tricky words following the Jolly Phonics scheme for you to practise together. If your child knows how to read these, have a go at spelling them. 



We will continue to follow the Jolly Phonics scheme which is available for you to use at home: in order to practise, along with the songs which can be found on YouTube.

Phonics and handwriting activities will take place daily. During these sessions the children will be give opportunities to practise letter formation; be given a variety of ways to blend, read and write words and to put words into sentences using punctuation and finger spaces.


Spelling lists to practise together will be sent home later in the year. Your child can practise the tricky words from the Jolly learning website above. Once they are able to read them, try spelling them before writing them into sentences. Encourage capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.



The children have been given a homework book which needs to be returned every THURSDAY. The work will be placed in this book focusing on something we have either covered in English, numeracy or topic to reinforce the children's learning. 



Our mental maths targets for this term are:

Doubles to 5 + 5

Halves to half of 10

Bonds to 10 (9+1=10)


This term we will also be looking at numbers to 20, addition and subtraction to 10, 2D and 3d shapes and measuring using non-standard units e.g cubes, lolly sticks or fingers) as well as using our addition skills with money up to 20p.



My Family and Other Animals



Our focus for this half term is 'Family and Homes'.


Ble wyt ti'n byw? - Where do you live?

Dwi'n byw yn y ty yn Nghaerdydd gyda .....- I live in a house in Cardiff with .....


Mae .... yn byw yn..... - .... lives in .....

Mae Bili Broga yn byw yn y pwll - Billy Frog lives in a pool.


Family names 

Mam - Mum       brawd - brother      Mamgu - grandmother   

Tad - Dad         chwaer - sister       Tadcu -  grandfather


These can create longer sentences:

Dwi'n bwy yn y ty yn Nghaerdydd gyda Mam, Tad a un chwaer

I live in a house in Cardiff with my Mum, Dad and one sister.


Mae Mangu yn byw yn Casnewydd gyda Tadcu.

My Grandmother lives in Newport with my Grandfather.


This YouTube clip introduces the animals

The sentence patterns can be applied to these as above:

Mae ceffyl yn byw un y stabl - The horse lives in the stable.


We will be reinforcing the language learnt during 'Ourselves and Feelings'. 


Pwy wyt ti? - Who are you?


Sut wyt ti? - How are you?

Ans: Dw i'n hapus - I'm happy. 

hapus - happy

trist - sad

wedi blino - tired

bendigedig - fantastic

ar ben y byd - on top of the world


Likes and dislikes and related vocabulary e.g. food, toys and colours.

Dw i'n hoffi....... - I like...

Dw i ddim yn hoffi - I don't like...


This half term, we will also be reinforcing shapes, colours and counting.

We like to sing in order to practise these language patterns. There is a simple playlist here: