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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


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Summer Term 2

This is it! the final push for our year 6ers!

Lots going on this term - including preparation for our Leavers Concert and high school transition days.



Your child will now have a sign in name and password for RM EasiMaths- a website that will support your child in Maths. 

At the moment, we are trialling this programme- the website is free for your child to use and we are looking forward to seeing the results of it!  

Sign in page:


Please see Ms Marker or Mr Lewis if you misplace your sign in details.



Spellings are up in the spelling section below.









Please check in with the website regularly.

Spellings and skills will be updated weekly.





For the parents and carers-

On the Parents page there is a short clip on the National Tests and what your child's results mean. This should help to explain the system and give you a better understanding of how your child has done in the National Tests.



If you do not have internet connection at home I can print some up and your child can bring home. 

We will be working on similar tests at school but any practice at home really helps to develop understanding and build confidence. Thanks! 


I have added some past test papers for Maths and Literacy at the bottom of this page. Great for revision in the lead up to our National tests!  


Each week we will be putting up the spelling list and the skills we will be focussing on in Maths, English and Cornerstones.  Please also keep checking the website for helpful websites and links to old tests papers that can help you with your English and Maths work. 



PE Kits-

Games on Monday

P.E. on Wednesday

Please bring your kit on both days! 



Skills for the Week 12.6.17





Make estimates of capacity based on knowledge of the size of real-life objects

Record measurements in different ways, e.g. 1.3kg = 1kg 300g

Recognise the appropriateness of units in different contexts

Use the language of imperial units in daily use, e.g. miles, pint


Cornerstones- What a Wonderful World



Express issues and ideas clearly, using specialist vocabulary and examples 

Express opinions clearly about topics and written texts and include supporting reasons

Follow up points in group discussions, showing agreement or disagreement giving reasons

Write an effective introduction that establishes context and purpose, a suitable balance between facts and viewpoints, a precise conclusion

Use paragraphs making links between them






Adapt structures in writing for different contexts, e.g. reporting an event, investigation or experiment

Use paragraphs making links between them

Use features and layout which are constructed to present data and ideas clearly.