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Year 6

Year 6

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Year 6- Please remember your games kit on Monday and Wednesday.
This must include a T-shirt, shorts/jogging trousers and trainers. Your games kit should be brought in a separate bag, changed into and out of before and after the lesson. You MUST NOT wear your games kit to school!!

Spelling test every Friday morning.

Please see spelling list below!!

Weekly overview of children's learning:










Our Topic for the first term is THE BLITZ. Please see attached form for holiday prep work!


Welsh phrase of the week:

 Pwy wyt ti? / Beth ydy dy enw di?
Sam ydw i.
Ble rwyt ti’n byw?
Dw i’n byw yn  Lôn Isa mewn ty semi gyda mam a dad. 
Faint ydy dy oed di?
Dw i’n ddeg oed.
Pryd mae dy benblwydd di?
Mae fy mhenblwydd i ym mis Mai.
Beth ydy dy rif ffôn di?
Fy rhif ffôn ydy 077816
Wyt ti’n hoffi  nofio?
Ydw, dw i’n hoffi nofio weithiau, mae’n dibynnu ar y tywydd.
Nag ydw, dw i ddim yn hoffi nofio achos dw i ddim yn gallu nofio ac mae’n ych a fi.
Ble wyt ti’n nofio? Dw i’n nofio yn y môr pan mae hi’n boeth.
Beth wyt ti’ n gallu wneud? Dw i’n gallu dawnsio a chanu ond dw i ddim yn gallu gwneud jwdo.
Sut wyt ti’n mynd i’r clwb dawnsio? Dw i’n mynd mewn car gyda fy ffrind.
Pryd wyt ti’n mynd i’r clwb? Dw i’n mynd i’r clwb am wyth o’r gloch.
Gyda pwy wyt ti’n mynd i’r clwb?
Dw i’n mynd i’r clwb gyda fy ffrind Sam yn y car.

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